Lovin My Bags is the exclusive handbag spa for all Designer hangbag brands. Learn more about Lovin My Bags About Lovin My Bags

Customer Support

FendiWe are here to help with all of your designer handbag issues.  We will help you find the best solutions whether with our products or our professional services.  Please call or email us with a photo of your bag and we will assess her and recommend the best solutions.

Our Products

handbag iconWe are committed to creating the best handbag spa products in the world - each of our products are for a particular leather and to solve the key problems we see - darkened handles, water stains, oils stains and soiling.  Our products are all backed by our 40 years in leather restoration work. we don't just make the products, we use the products.

Perfect Choice

handbag iconConfused as to what product to choose for your particular handbag?  We can help. Like there are different skin types - there are different leather types - each type needs a special collection. Read More

About Us

Barbara CrouthamelBarbara Crouthamel is the founder of Lovin My Bags by Barbara the premier handbag spa that offers exclusive products and services exclusively for designer handbags.

Lovin My Bags was birthed in 2005, after a trip to Italy, where Barbara realized the need for leather care specifically designed for handbag leathers. She immediately collaborated with husband Gary, a leatherologist who develops all of the restoration systems and products for Lovin My Bags.

Lovin My Bags by Barbara the only company in the world that creates specific leather care products and services exclusively for designer handbags.

Barbara is an Interior Designer by trade, using her design skills designing exclusive hand printed leathers. Her leathers have been used on designer furniture pieces, and as an integral part of her exclusive line of designer handbags.
Barbara is blessed with an international flair - having lived four years in Istanbul Turkey, she has a love for design and diversity that is revealed in her leather fashions.

Barbara Crouthamel:

My business is a labor of love - we share a love for leather, love for fashion, love for design and most of all a love for our customers.  We are here to help restore all fashionable friends to their previous glory - some for emotional reasons others for aesthetic reasons...
After all, our handbags reflect a part of us, and the prettier she is the happier we are...

Mission & Services

To be the very best handbag spa products and services in the world.  Our Mission is to find the best solutions to care for fashion leathers by investing our talents in research and development based on the restorations we do daily.

Best Solutions

Preventative care is the best solution for fashion leathers especially when talking about luxury handbags -  at Lovin My Bags by Barbara we have the latest technological breakthroughs to care for your handbags.