Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our products or you have issues with your handbags - please feel free to contact us anytime. We usually can find solutions for you - it's what we are here for.

Will the color rub off?

handbag iconAs long as the leather integrity is intact, our leather finishing system will last as long as it would had you purchased a new bag. We use finishes that equal the quality used by tanneries for most leathers.  All our finishes are certified leather finishes and designed specifically for each type of handbag leather we work on.

Will the feel of leather change?

handbag iconIn most cases the leather feel will not be much different than the original - except for some of the natural unfinished leathers for the simple reason that we are correcting the skin topically - so there will be some feel alteration to some degree. The restoration restores the aesthetics.

Do the products darken leather?

handbag iconWe have developed the products to be non-darkening for most delicate leathers, but since leather is unpredictable it is recommended that all products be tested before applying overall the surface. Some leathers will darken initially then dry to its original color.

Why are your products more expensive than others?

It's all about the ingredients we use. We only purchase the finest quality ingredients we can find. Costly? Absolutely! Worth it? You Bet!
There is no other company that specializes in restoring leather handbags with the ability and knowledge to develop products specifically for the care of delicate handbag leathers. We have over 35 years of leather conservation experience and we are the source of leather repair technology in the US.

The leather care products on the market today are for general use such as for cars or furniture and are not safe for most aniline leathers. There are no other products created specifically for handbag leathers. Our products are expensive because of our the choice of ingredients we use to make it. We use cosmetic grade ingredients that are much more costly than industrial cleaning products, which is what you find in most leather cleaners today.

1.We use cosmetic grade emollients such as liquid silk proteins, which are very costly but surpass all other conditioners in their ability to moisturize leather. Other products use petroleum based products to moisturize.
2.We add naturally derived essences of floral and spice, not industrial simulated scents.
3.We use surfactant cleaners so that our products are safe for the user and for the leather. Most leather cleaning products are a combination of detergents and water making them highly alkaline (8 of 10 leather cleaners tested were pH 10.1, while the other 2 were neutral at 7)
4.We adhere to a strict awareness of the pH of leather (pH 4.5); our products must be pH compatible to leather to avoid the pre-mature aging that alkaline cleaning products cause. Other cleaners that are pH neutral do not have the cleaning power to effectively clean leather.
5.We use reinforcing resins that renew the surface of the leather - no other leather products on the market has this feature.
6.We manufacture our products in small quantities and test its effectiveness by using it in our professional restoration services. No other service company has this specialized vertical integration.

All of our products have been derived from the need our customers have had for maintaining their leather handbags. Our focus is on having the best product on the market that meets all of our customers needs, and saves their leather handbag investment for many years. We hope you will love our products as much as we do.

What do you suggest as the "Process" for product use?

  1. Clean handbag thoroughly with any of our Lovin My Bags by Barbara cleansers if necessary.
  2. Use For Handles Only on the handles. Do not use any other products on the handles. Once the application is dry, buff with a white cloth and repeat.
  3. Use any one of Lovin My Bags by Barbara's  "Protection"  over all leather surfaces. Apply a thin coat of product and dry with a hairdryer on medium setting. Once dry, apply a second coat. Reapply every 3-4 months. (This is powerful oil, water and stain repellant and does not need to be reapplied too often) Buff when done to restore sheen.
  4. After 24 hours apply any of the moisturizer's to your handbag.