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Before & After shots

Before and After photos can show some remarkable restorations - the end result is ultimately judged by our customer.  We take into consideration the feel, the color and the type of leather that we are restoring and customize the finishes accordingly, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Global Locations

Lovin My Bags by Barbara are opening up all over the world, and offer all of the products and most services that the New York headquarters offers.  All of our locations are supported by ongoing training and new product developments to ensure the very best restorations are available at all Lovin My Bags by Barbara locations.

Protect Handbags #1

The first step to take to prevent many of these bag issues is to protect the leather. However not all protection is the same.  At Lovin My Bags by Barbara, we recommend professional protection first and foremost; otherwise we recommend our any one of the Protection from our spa collections, which include products to cleanse and moisturize your luxury leather goods as well.  Luxuriate your handbags and "Share the Lovin"

Photo Gallery

Jimmy Choo Before & After

Gucci Before & After

Before & Afters

Photos by Lovin My Bags by Barbara Dubai