Customer Support

handbag iconPlease feel free to email us your handbag concerns - include a photo with your email so we can quickly assess the issues and email back an estimate and time frame for the restoration.


handbag iconYou now have the option of leaving a review of our products online - If you have any issues about the products or the results, please contact us immediately as we are happy to resolve any leather issues you may have.
Email us at  or call us at  1-716-745-5043

Sending your bag to us...

Download the Requisition form here.
Fill in your name, email and phone.  Include details as to what you would like us to do to your bag or NOT do. Please let us know what products have been used on the bag, as this may affect the restoration process.  If we know about the application of certain products, we can better treat the bag with the proper chemistry - as some products may interfere with the effectiveness of our finishes.

We welcome photos as well. Include the form with the bag and ship insured and signature required via the courier of choice.

If you would like an estimate, email a photo of your bag to and we will be happy to give you a estimated price that would be confirmed once we assess your bag. The estimate is subject to change - we will provide a quote once we see the bag in person.

Perfect Choice

handbag iconIf you need help finding the perfect choice products for your bags feel free to contact us anytime at 1-716-745-5043

Best Solutions

handbag iconWe have solutions for all of your handbag issues, from minor to major - just email us your bag photos and details of the problem and we will be happy to respond with an estimate and assessment of the restoration process.